Bts messenger 2 No 1 Best App


bts messenger 2, Bts messenger 2 No 1 Best App

Bts messenger 2 Can you enjoy imitation chat with your BTS bias a real army army?
Ever wondered if you could open your phone and get a message from your side?
With BTS Messenger! Choose your favorite member of Chat Simulator 2 BTS! And start having fun with romance stories or some dramas and eoral jealousy romance

Yours will receive a message from your The Nandin side. Bts messenger 2

Receive personal messages from all 7 members of BTS (John Jungkuk, V, Jin, Jimin, Suga, RM, J-Hope).

Note: If you do not want to end the conversation quickly, you should choose the best response.

Features Features: Bts messenger 2

☆ Multiple languages: English, French, Arabic

Romantic beautiful romantic story

ଲ୍ Multi-Landscape

Receive and send text text messages

☆ Real time message notification! Bts messenger 2

Kawaii and friendly interface

☆ Multiple-choice (design …)

Wi-Fi No Wi-Fi required!

This app is not an official app created by Big Heat
It is made with love by the fans! In other words, it is not a real BTS that is doing you, but a 100% imaginary imitation. Bts messenger 2


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