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bt notification apk, Bt notification apk No 1 Best App


Bt notification apk The “Smartwatch Sync” application allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection between an Android device and an Android smartwatch or an Android wireless smartwatch.

When SmartWatch is configured on both devices, SmartWatch will display all the notifications from your phone on your smartwatch screen. Bt notification apk

“Smartwatch Sync” works with all Android / Android Wear watches! All watches in China are supported

Phase Guide. Bt notification apk
(Full guide with pictures available on our site:

  1. Install smartwatch and bluetooth notifications from Google Play BOTH on your smartphone and smart watch device.
  2. Open the smartwatch in your smartwatch Click the “Bluetooth enabled” button Then, click on “Findable Make” and discover the smart watch
  3. Open the Smart Watch Sync app on your phone Press “Permissions enabled” to allow SmartWatch to access the notification. The settings for your phone’s business notification will be sent to the screen, where you should turn on the keyboard for smart watch sync. Once you’re done with the settings, click back to re-instruct the SmartWatch Sync BT Notifier app.
  4. Click “Bluetooth enabled” and, once BT is enabled, click “Connect device”.
  5. Find and connect to your smart watch device through the list of Bluetooth names.
  6. Press “Pair / OK” on both of your devices and make sure the pairing of the device is needed (click OK / Permission).
    It’s over! Your Android phone and Android / Dress Watch are now connected!

Test your connection

You can test a connection by entering any text in the “Send msg” field to the text input on your device. BT notifications should appear on the screen in your smart watch. Bt notification apk

Consider buying a Pro version:

  1. No Ads!
  2. Ability to turn on / off notifications for specific applications Just set up the Android Smart Watch app for important notifications For example only messenger, which does not bother you with the notification of other apps.
  3. Notice subject Choose one of the many quiet notification themes for each of your apps, so you can enjoy your BT connection even more!

The Smartwatch Sync and BT Notice app works with all watches based on Android or Android Wear, such as:

  • Samsung Watch Model;
  • China Clock: Garmin Watch, Fiberglass Watch, Tikov Watch, Fitbit Watch, Mobovi, Misfit, Grapes, Background, Curio and many more!

Questions and answers

  1. Bluetooth pairing
    Determine which pairing process or clock synchronization is on your device. The process of connecting devices may vary Sometimes, for example, it involves tapping a code on your phone At other times, you can only touch your phone with the device you want to connect to In some cases, you just have to press a button on the speaker to connect it to a phone If you are not sure how to connect a device, see the user guide.
  2. Detection mode
    Turn on discovery mode on your switch Suppose you want to connect your phone to your car’s infotainment system. First, go to your phone or iWatch app settings and tap on Bluetooth. Then press the button on your infotainment system to find the device, usually on the steering wheel or center stack. Is over

Problems with the Bt pair

  1. Make sure the devices you are trying to connect to are close to each other Do not attempt to connect the phone with a keyboard or an Android / Android wireless Bluetooth-based device.
  2. Turn off the devices and turn them on A soft reset and set can solve a problem
  3. Assuming a reliable Bluetooth speaker connector is usually connected to your partner’s smartphone instead of yours. If you are having trouble synchronizing your phone’s clock with the speaker, or trying to activate your normal connection, watch the speaker or iWatch. Some old devices try to connect to the last thing they add If the Bluetooth device is already connected to something else, turn off that other gadget.
  4. Charge both devices you are trying to connect to Some devices have smart power management that can turn off Bluetooth when the battery level is too low.


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