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brain challenge 4 apk Train your brain and compete with others! The brain challenge is a brain training game, with beautiful graphics and animation for a mind exercise. This exciting brain game comes with 8 mini-games to test your brain in 4 categories: Analytical, Counting, Memory and Visualization. Complete a randomly selected mini-game in all 4 categories in one challenge. Each mini-game lasts up to 60 seconds Answer as quickly and accurately as possible The wrong answer is a penalty score

Use training modes to improve your brain skills in a variety of areas Sign in to compete with your friends or others in the world on your own score or Google Play!

8 mini games:brain challenge 4 apk


Heavy Find – Analyze weight scales to find heavy items among others.
Count cubes – count the number of cubes


Do the math – answer the math equation

  • – x or / – Select the correct math operator (plus, minus, multiplication and division)


Select Pair – Select the pair that matches the card Carry the card!
Remember the order – remember the card in the presence order


Tap the ball from small to large number
Complete the puzzle – complete the puzzle

Features Features: brain challenge 4 apk

  1. Google Play Leader Board and Success
  2. Training – Training in every mini game Training scores will not be recognized
  3. Profile – Challenge Statistics
  4. In-app purchases – Remove ads and unlock the mini-game selection for the challenge.
  5. Settings – sound, music, left / right hand mode


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