Boxing Training Apk- Offline Videos


⭐Boxing is a hand to hand fighting style, self – barrier, that is centered exclusively around amazing punches. Think Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson! This hand to hand fighting style doesn’t permit kicking, elbow strikes or catching.

⭐Boxing stays extremely mainstream. In any case, it has lost a portion of its business brilliance because of the flood in enthusiasm with Mixed Martial Arts. In any case, boxing procedures are a key preparing instrument for some world class MMA warriors. What’s more, Boxing is an Olympic game.

👊Learn Boxing :

  • Learn Boxing Punches
  • Learn Boxing Blocks

⏱Training (every day schedule)

  • train yourself step by step.
  • get familiar with each strike bit by bit.


  • contend with other Boxing players everywhere throughout the world.


No web required.

Disconnected recordings for each punch.

You can play any video without web.

⭐Easy to utilize

Just one page and one cabinet to choose punch from it.


Great video for each punch.

Each video has two sections:

1-Slow movement.

2-Normal movement.

💯All Punches

Punches – Blocks

Video for each punch.

Depiction for each punch.


You can add your preferred punches to an isolated rundown (most loved rundown).

🌟Level up framework

Challenge yourself and level up while learning the punches.

Propelled punches are opened when you level up.

❓How to step up :

1-Open the application consistently.

2-Learn how to do each punch.

3-Spend time watching punches recordings.

4-Add punches to most loved rundown.

5-Share the application with your family and your companions.

(Help them learning combative techniques to secure themselves).


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