Bottle game download No 1 Best App


bottle game download, Bottle game download No 1 Best App


Bottle game download Looking for a bottle shooting game? Then the slingshot game is the extreme bottle shooting game you are looking for

The slingshot game, a fun and yoga bottle suit slingshot game that will give you hours of fun! Hit the colorful bottles of the world to break them down, challenge your skills and move forward on multiple levels! Your new favorite bottle shoot and bottle break game! Bottle game download

Dig every hour
With this easy to play and fun bottle break slingshot game, you will have a lot of fun by testing your slingshot skills! Have fun playing and breaking all the bottles using the angry ball in front of you!

Expand your skills at different levels
Our slingshot game offers a variety of challenging levels to test your slingshot skills. You will find yourself challenging at 36 levels At every level of this bottle game, you have to argue that all the bottles are to be Naxalized and advance to a challenging level if you succeed in breaking all the bottles at that level. As you progress in this game, the game becomes more and more challenging, giving you the opportunity to become an extreme player. Bottle game download

The game has 3 beautiful worlds, forests, sweets and snow with various weather themes.

Catapult games with AT features
ImSimple and fun to play
FfOffline Mode: Play Anytime! You don’t need an internet connection
Suitable for all ages
Attractive design and quiet sound effects
Knock to break NK bottles
60 Challenging Levels
Test your slingshot skills
To play free games. Bottle game download

Knock and break the bottles, test your slingshot skills at multiple levels and win the maximum score!
Be the ultimate player in this bottle shoot game, download it for free today!


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