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boothapp apk, Boothapp apk No 1 Best App


Boothapp apk Real Voter ”app Hverdanuk Q. There are dedicated bananas Nivedumerka ha lokshahi cha pya asun, Indian Indian or Nivedumerka fearless, free and clean environment. Mainly, Citizens, Voters, Officers / Employees Niveduramashi, Candidate and Sheshanchi, State Party, NGO, Principal, Rajendra Bharma should be available for archery or useful work, or main job, Mattarana Jadita Navacha.

Facility facilities. Boothapp apk

  1. Mitradancha Assembly, Oddi Bhag Sewak, Local Government and Government Institutions Mountaineering, Voting Centers and Race Centric Letters
  2. Google Measurement Saheikian Voting Center
  3. KYC (Knowing Your Candidate) -Pravaghat Nivedurmaka Ladvinaya Umedancha Tapsel.
  4. Voice of Voice – Matradanchaya and Divisional Advocate Candidates
  5. Centrally managed
  6. Babatachi Babatachi Mahiti
  7. Remove the notification
  8. Self-powered photogenesis
  9. Get the imported mobile number and e-mail ID

Facility facilities. Boothapp apk
Ier Officer-in-Charge Officer / Ark ier Hierarchical Formation
 Sophia and incomplete methods, tests, etc.
GPS GPSGoogleveringachinhead of the competition center
Commission Commissioner, Commissioner and District Magistrate Hey Hey Lunch Message that Nondani Jaliaia Mattaldarnath Prasad Yadav.

4 Voting Head The Race Dr Kendru Raan Do Tasancha Ahwal Ahwal.
Request State Inquiry Commission Tuberculosis Competition or Javanandan Yantra or Medium Sophia Samachan Medium.
 Powerful and engaging month-long public awareness
Should I make available the situation and the control media?

Facility –
 Darna, The Daily Nandin Expenditure and Vanun Ahwal Ahl Ani Ani Ani Expense Agreement.
Title: Tea and Personal Urgency and Keleya Keleya Special Sp State Young Self-Organization Auto Development.
6 polling stations. Boothapp apk

The “Real Voter” app is dedicated to the electoral process Elections are the cornerstone of democracy and the constitution provides for free, fair and transparent elections. The mobile app serves the Maharashtra State Selection Commission (SEC) by supporting compliance with constitutional orders for all local elections.

The main beneficiaries of the app are citizens, voters, election officials and election staff, candidates and their representatives, political parties, NGOs, media personalities and political analysts. Internet access has always been a problem in remote areas. Boothapp apk

Voter convenience
Voter name search
Navigation through Google Maps for polling booths
• KYC (Know Your Candidate): Information about the competing candidate
• Voters’ voices: Share the hopes and problems of the ward
Booth wise voter list
Voting data
Election results
• Report absentee, displaced, dead and severe voters in their area
Vote secured by Security Question (Indian patriot)
Save an emergency phone number

Facilities for officers
Create a hierarchical structure for all officers and employees
Create a control chart that is easy and accurate to create a voter list
Occupy a vacant lot
Notice of State Election Commission, Commission, Collector
Data surveyed twice by PRO
Easy communication between election staff from PRO to SEC. Boothapp apk

Facilities for candidates
Election expenses and acceptance of reports and affidavits
• Candidate profile and success
Philosophy candidate
• Get a list of polling booths
Communication with election staff and registered voters

Rejection: All the information in the petition has been provided and owned by the State Election Commission of Maharashtra, and the Tru Voter app has been developed for the public to make it easier to access and improve transparency.

Abinav IT Solutions PV Limited is a development partner for True Application under an agreement with SEC Maharashtra.


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