Book Catalogue Apk


Book Catalogue Apk, Book Catalogue Apk

An open source book recording application (source on github). Books can be included physically, by ISBN, or scanner tag.

Recollect to reinforcement and fare your current list before you redesign!

Book Catalog isn’t a book peruser.

Highlights include:

  • Sorting by creator (last name), title, arrangement, and so on.
  • client characterized sort and rundown styles
  • Search Amazon, Google Books, goodreads and LibraryThing for information
  • Searching
  • Thumbnails (download, display or camera)
  • Loaning books
  • goodreads synchronization
  • Export and Backup
  • Bookshelves (books can be on various racks)

Need a list of things to get? Simply make a shelf called ‘List of things to get’ and begin including books.

Kindly email us (beneath) on the off chance that you have any issues after an update.

Wiki can be found at:

Full history at:

Ongoing History:

New in 5.1.0

  • Italian interpretation (Eugenio Davolio)
  • Spanish interpretation (José M. Galdo)
  • Turkish interpretations (Emir Sarı)
  • Ability to chronicle just new/refreshed books and to reject covers (or books)
  • Better thumbnail size in records for high thickness screens
  • Added choices to see books by writer/arrangement at Amazon
  • Other minor bug fixes

New in 5.0.8

  • More German interpretation refreshes (Robert Wetzlmayr)

New in 5.0.7

  • Fixes to bugs presented in 5.0.5!

New in 5.0.1-5.0.5

  • Style ‘Included date’ is currently in diving request for Android 2.2+
  • New field: Language
  • Minor Performance enhancements for Android 2.2+
  • Translation refreshes (Imkal)
  • Bug fixes

New in 5.0.0

  • A non-editable perspective on book subtleties, with ‘toss’ support! (Scratch Silin)
  • Archiving of whole list, including books, spreads, inclinations and styles
  • Updated and improved interface, including Action Bar suppor (should work better on gadgets without menu catches)
  • Support for pic2shop scanner
  • More French interpretation refreshes (Imkal and Djiko)
  • More German interpretation refreshes (Robert Wetzlmayr)
  • More Russian interpretation refreshes (Nick Silin)
  • Bug fixes


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