Blue whale suicide apk No 1 Best App


blue whale suicide apk, Blue whale suicide apk No 1 Best App


Blue whale suicide apk Despite the nature of a simple game, the game counts the date and cause of your death based on official information about the Game of Death AYUSH and the answers you give.

You can also: Blue whale suicide apk
Suppose you live in a different country;
Compare your results to other people: Who among your friends and loved ones is going to leave this planet first?
Share results on social networks so that your acquaintances can prepare for dissatisfaction;
Add a live countdown to your device home screen;
Get reminders in stages about your future death

If you think about it, life is just a game where the winner is always scared

Everyone has fun and longevity. Blue whale suicide apk

Note: To restore your name and nationality, the app requests a user profile to enter, and sends it to a memory location to allow you to share the in-app screenshot with your friends.


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