Blood Brothers 2 : Strategy RPG


Blood Brothers 2, Blood Brothers 2 : Strategy RPG
Blood Brothers 2


Blood Brothers 2: Strategy RPG App’s description
The much awaited sequel to BLOOD BROTHERS is now here!
With Blood Brothers 2, return to the dark fantasy land of Arnashia for a tale of allegiance, betrayal, ambition, and revenge.
To create your army and shape your tactics to suit your battle style, choose from over 600 unique Commanders. Take on the world in real-­time PVP to become Arnashia’s most powerful army!

Since the time of the Blood Brothers, a century has passed. Galbraith and his vampire legions are now little more than a legend. The inhabitants of Arnashia rejoiced in their newfound peace and freedom, but only for a short time. When the new generation proved incapable of ruling, war loomed once more, as disgruntled parties were no longer willing to remain silent. Overnight, old alliances were shattered and new ones formed. Who do you trust and who do you eliminate in this period of chaos?


• RENEW THE FANTASY: Return to Arnashia and fight alongside your favourite Blood Brothers characters once more.

• CREATE DEADLY ARMIES: Create your army by forming guilds, evolving your commanders, and training your men.

To unlock your Commanders’ full potential, research new technologies and outfit them with customisable gear.

• BATTLE WITH Pals: Compete in the PvP Arena with your friends and put your army to the test.

• DISCOVER NEW CONTENT: Earn limited-time goodies by participating in weekly events like Raid Boss.

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