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blockudoku, Blockudoku No 1 Best App


Blockudoku Blokudo is a great mix of sudoku and block puzzle games It’s a simple yet challenging free cube puzzle that you won’t be able to put on one side.

Match the blocks to complete the lines and cube to remove them Keep the board clean and beat your high score in a puzzle block! Test your iq and win the game!

Block Puzzle Game Features: Blockudoku

✔ 9×9 Board Move the cube blocks on the 9×9 grid, which should be familiar to fans of all the Sudos for building lines and categories.
. Blocks of different shapes Strategically stacked sudo with cubes on the board to destroy blocks and keep the board clean.
Complete the IES The Daily Nick Challenge and receive a unique trophy
4 color themes Choose between a minimal cubic block game or a classic wooden block puzzle.

Goal Challenging Goals Don’t stop testing Iqs and challenge yourself – try to beat your high score or compete with friends.
Ambo Kamboz is a block puzzle game master by destroying multiple tiles with just one speed
Re Strike Score more points by destroying elements with some movement in the line
✔ Unique mechanics Blockchain was created as an incredibly successful blend of sudoku and e-block puzzles. Blockudoku

✔ Addiction games when you are bored or want to train your brain block games – anytime, anytime.

How to master a blockchain?

There is no time limit, so there is no urgency If you are facing a difficult step, think one step further This may be your end. Blockudoku

Try placing the classic and wooden sudo blocks on the puzzle board so that no line or 3×3 square is destroyed with every step to fill the board with the board.

Score your balance by destroying data as soon as possible and getting combing and strips as much as possible.

Why play this block puzzle game? Blockudoku

Blockchain slide puzzles were made for those who want to relax and train their brains at the same time. This Cube Block Puzzle game combines a variety of measurements and complexities with a simple addiction gameplay that is similar to Tetris and Sudo. Whether you are tired or in a low mood, a few rounds of BlackDoco Slide Puzzle will make you happy and relax your mind.

If you like to block and block games, tetris, wooden kicks, or hex puzzles, Block Doko is the right choice for you. Break the brain Nandin thoughts and immerse yourself in this brain teaser to block bad thoughts. You will definitely not be bored playing block games! Relieve stress or train your brain with a challenging yet challenging iq game from BlockDock® anywhere, anytime!


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