bitlife apk download No 1 Best App


bitlife apk download, bitlife apk download No 1 Best App


bitlife apk download At AltLife, you are the author of your life Each story is different

It is up to you to realize your dream as a mediator, to live a middle life, or to drop out of college.

Apply for a dream job and get a hierarchy, or your parents’ way of life. No wrong decision

Every interaction you play is created to create a unique experience every time you play randomly, which simulates AltLife to the extreme of life. bitlife apk download


AltLife has a comprehensive list of jobs that you can apply from a simple dishwasher to all respected CEOs. Each task has its own requirements such as education, degree, statistics, age, and so on.


Careers are just like jobs, besides you can contact them YouTube is going to target you by creating and uploading videos and monetizing them. In the top rankings, the top 10 YouTube players of the game appear every year


Relationships are as important as doing a great job at AltLife The more you interact with the people in the game, the more options will appear


AltLife offers a variety of activities ranging from lottery games to shopping sprays


Collect all kinds of in-game items and store them in your store!


Collect foreign superheroes, invest in commercial real estate or rent a skyscraper. The choice is yours.


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