Bhulekh Online Apk: भूलेख


Bhulekh Online Apk, Bhulekh Online Apk: भूलेख

Digital Land Record and Bhulekh Online for all states in one App

This app covers these states –

✓ Bhulekh UP (भूलेख यूपी, भूलेख उत्तर प्रदेश)
✓ MP Bhulekh
✓ Bhulekh Jharkhand
✓ Chhattisgarh Bhulekh
✓ Bhulekh Odisha
✓ bhulekh orisa
✓ Haryana jamabandi (Bhulekh haryana)
✓ Bhulekh Kerala
✓ Bhulekh Andhra Pradesh
✓ Bhulekh Telangana
✓ Bhulekh Bihar
✓ Bhulekh West Bengal
✓ Bhulekh Uttarakhand
✓ Bhulekh Tamil Nadu
✓ Land Records Punjab (bhulekh punjab)
✓ Himachal bhulekh
✓ Tripura bhulekh
✓ Goa bhulekh
✓ Bhulekh Karnataka
✓ Bhulekh Maharashtra
✓ Bhulekh Rajsthan

भूलेख ऑनलाइन – Bhulekh Online is a app by which you can see Land records of all states online.

This is a private app which provide a direct link to see Land records of all states online. We do not claim relationship with any governmental organization.
We are making it clear here that We do not represent the government entity.

This app is free and has it all so Start Downloading..!


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