BETTER Apk- Rewards for Health


Update: COVID-19 screening tool based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

  • Report your health daily
  • Helps slow the spread of COVID-19
  • Keep your data confidential or research anonymous data

Earn rewards for your health video tips, share your health stories and meet others on their health journey.

Use the integrated safety tracker to track your health habits, sleep, digestion and migraines.

Featured in “Mind Body Green, Inc.” from Forbes.

BETTER from Bowhead Health is a free tool and a secure portfolio that can help you develop healthy habits, track symptoms and better understand your body’s unique needs.

Track your immigration

Quick and easy to use interface to track all your migraines

  • trigger

Get rewards by following the following health habits:

*go to bed

  • Energy level

Set up health reminders

Personalize your reminders and notifications to take responsibility. All of your personal information is securely stored in an encrypted wallet that you can access anytime, anywhere using the Bowhead mobile app.

Why maintain a healthy path?

Recording your daily health habits can help improve your overall health. We are often lost in our daily activities, our social life and our work. Keeping track can help you stay organized and reflect on your health outcomes and lessons learned.

Another benefit of monitoring daily or weekly activities is that patterns related to health symptoms and other stressors can be identified. You may notice that a particular type of food or diet is low in energy, or you want to eat sugar. Perceiving patterns can help you eliminate certain foods or habits from your life.

How Archers Can Help You

Motivation comes from inspiration. We have carefully designed the app to inspire inspiration through art, entertainment and ease, which we believe is a key factor in inspiring motivation and long-term change.

Data ownership
We believe that health and wellness data is one of the most valuable data in the world. The problem is that if you don’t have many, you can’t extract its value. By helping you build your personal health and wellness investment portfolio, we will make a difference, and you can own, manage and even make a 100% profit on your own terms.


Bowhead will convert your health information into a currency unit called AHT or anonymous health token. You can then spend it on products and services on our market, or exchange it for money. More health data and records, more AHT health and wellness income!

Note: Bowhead is not a medical application and cannot replace regular medical visits.

Let’s stay healthy!

Track your health habits and migraines in a safe app. Bowhead includes advanced migraine monitoring capabilities that allow you to monitor all aspects of migraine, including symptoms, triggers and symptom relief. Over time, Bowhead becomes your migraine journal, so you can create advanced reports and view the best mitigation methods.

Bowhead is more than a tracker. The application allows you to quickly understand the impact of migraines on daily life. Use advanced encryption that meets HIPAA and GDPR standards to store all health data. You can use your health data to anonymously contribute to medical research and receive rewards.

Record your activities with migraine, water, digestion, energy and sleep.


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