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best ar drum game apk :

Real Drum allows you to try a real drumming experience in any generation of music! Free, Fun, User Friendly App! Download now and enjoy!

How does a real drum work?
The app turns the screen of your phone / tablet into a lifetime simulation of a drum kit. Turn your fingers into amazing drum sticks! For instant playback, press all the drum pads you need.

Not a drummer yet?
Real Drum gives you 60 video tutorials along with 33 loops in various videos!

Want your own stamp on the drum?
Fully customize the app pad with your own bespoke images and sounds. That’s not all because new personal kits are being released every week!

Do you have space for a real drum kit?
Real drum is perfect for practicing or taking up more space without disturbing the neighbors.

The simplicity of the app, play anywhere and test your skills!

See Real Drum Space:

  • Customize your kit: Load in your photos and sounds
  • A wide range of tomatoes and nets
  • New kit every week
  • Multiple prints
  • 13 drum pods
  • Studio-quality sound
  • 60 Rhythm Patterns with Tutorial
  • 33 loops with jam
  • Recording mode
  • Export your recordings to MP3
  • Works with all screen resolutions – Phones and tablets (HD images)
  • Free app

The app is free but you can get the premium version by removing the ads and purchasing the license.

Bosch and Blast with the best and most comprehensive drum app on Google Play!

Perfect for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners.

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