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Bendy ™ Nightmare Run for your Android device is an action-packed Norwegian bus runner. Play as Benny ™, Boris Wolf and Alice Angel, when you jump, jump and counterattack, the biggest, worst bullshit ever shown in Joey Drew Studio’s classic 1930s cartoon. | Navigate your route by avoiding enemies, avoiding obstacles, and robbing ships, city roads, a junker, and such a cold library.bendy and the ink machine download apk

Collect weapons and level up your character Improve your skills by collecting and spending delicious bacon soup cans Customize your characters with previously unseen costumes and episodes specific weapons. Celebrate your victory at Nightmare Run March with special access to Official Bendy ™! T-shirts, plus, posters, kitchens and more!

Bendy needs your help to get out of trouble The chase continues bendy and the ink machine download apk

Your action packed bus runner for your phone / tablet
End Bendy is all the new enemies in the world
● Four unique cartoon worlds
New letters, clothes and more to collect Bacon Soup
Special access for official official T-shirts, plus, posters, kitchens and other trades.
2018 2018 and then exciting updates

Recommended for Android 6.0 and newer


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