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King of Fighting is a cool and offline action fighting game. Death Fighter‌ features stunning characters, beautiful 2D visuals, amazing weapons, a simple horizontal interface and easy operation control. Death Tower has a wide variety of skills, you can combine a variety of skills, remove destructive combo for your challengers in battle and experience the fighting power of blood!

Death Fight is a tribute to the classic arcade fighting game. As a beginner player, you can also release all kinds of salvation to suit your fighting needs. Endless combinations, different characters, you can not stop playing this game.

Here, you turn into a mysterious evil frame killer. He is taken to a mysterious and dangerous place called Death Fight. He injected poison and placed the evil company antidote on top of the tower.

Death Fighter Features:

  • Addictive Death Tower Fighting Game
  • King of Fighting – Kung Fu and Death Fighter
  • Free for all players
  • Upgrade attack power and release destructive combos
  • Upgrade level, higher level, stronger power force
  • Each character has a lot of skills in dealing with challengers fast.

Steady Challenge Challenger, you are the “King of Fight”!

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