BauBuddy Apk- Assisting your crafting business


BauBuddy Apk, BauBuddy Apk- Assisting your crafting business

Farewell Paperwork! BauBuddy disposes of the administrative work, since these days the data, which is for the most part endured on paper, should be possible simpler and more secure. This organized correspondence among office and the building site spares time and nerves. BauBuddy disposes of missing time-following, inadequate documentation and disarray on the building site.

Highlight review

Versatile time-following the portable time stamp, separation of single-and caravan action

  • Site documentation with photographs, content modules and free messages
  • Customer enrollment with auto-finishing of Google
  • Project enrollment with site address, working time and pictures (for example drawings, unique guidelines)
  • Working request the executives with execution day, escort arranging and pictures


The versatile time stamp catches voyaging time, working time and work breaks with just a couple of snaps from one perspective and outlines the guard structure as to the working request then again. Working occasions are checked for credibility.

Overlooked appointments can later be followed up through a computerized structure.

At the point when no system association exist (WiFi, 3G, LTE), all data are put away. They are naturally sent at whatever point organize is associated. This empowers live controlling of each site.

Site documentation

This documentation happens with photographs. Each photograph can be titled. It is document with time stamp and representative data in the chose organizer respect to the undertaking.

Option, agendas and free content fields can be utilized.

Site documentation is – even like time-following – conceivable, when the gadget is disconnected.

Client enrollment

Client enrollment is finished with a lean structure. All information can be filled in with Google consequently.

Venture enrollment

Ventures can be store with an important title, the arranged execution time and site address. Besides pictures can be included.

Working request the executives

Working requests are appointed to separate activities. This is fundamentally utilized for time-following and documentation. A day by day manner and even pre-arranging of the escort is conceivable, much the same as store the hazard appraisal.

Access authorisation

BauBudddy has a far reaching authorisation idea which empowers the on and off switch of capacity catches relying upon authorisation. With this an ideal adjustment to order structure and to the inner working procedures is conceivable.

Incorporation in existing data framework

Is it true that you are now utilizing a data framework? Simply reach us and we will check, regardless of whether BauBuddy can straightforwardly be incorporated in your current framework, so you don’t need to spare your data in two frameworks. No extra exertion is essential.


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