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barbie dress up games :

The royal party is about to begin. What dress should the princess choose? There are a lot of dresses in the dressing room. Smart please help you to dress up the princess. And start the beautiful fairy tale with the princess.

Start with a soothing spa treatment to make sure the princess hair and skin are clean and clear. This is no ordinary SPA, where you can easily cleanse the skin, have a facial mask, take care of the eyebrows. Dozens of accessories are free, so try them one by one and make the princess more beautiful.

Makeup is not as easy as you know. Come into the dressing room and see. Hairstyles, colorful contact lenses, eyebrows, eye shadows, mascara, lipstick, blush, earrings, necklaces, jewelry … every choice is important! Try on makeup and colors as much as possible and match them with the right makeup for the princess.

In the dressing room, you can find beautiful dresses, lovely Lolita dresses, royal queen dresses and dozens of accessories and shoes. No matter how you match, I believe your princess should be unique.

I can not wait to start this fashion show. Music, applause, spotlights, dancing, spin and everyone’s jealousy! Thank you for your help. Our princess will have such a perfect royal party.

** Game Features **

  • Spa section
  • Makeup section
  • Dress section
  • 3 different designs to choose from
  • Different hairstyles to choose from
  • Experiment with dozens of different lipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, hair color and more.
  • Lots of royal attire for the best day.
  • A wide variety of party items, including earrings, necklaces and helmets.
  • Make-up and dress in your dream gown
  • 80+ brand inspired clothing items;
  • Unlimited outfit combinations
  • Save attribute for social sharing;
  • apk games

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