Complete list of Obey Me! characters, their Astrological signs and more


, Complete list of Obey Me! characters, their Astrological signs and more
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This article will cover every intriguing character from the Obey Me series, along with their birthdays, astrological signs, ages, heights, and anything else you might be curious to know. First things first, we’ll barbatos obey me discuss briefly about the game since it’s quite intriguing from a variety of angles.

The player in Obey Me is essentially an exchange student that ends up attending the esteemed RAD University. There, they run into a tonne of other attractive students, get to engage with them, and gradually come to know them better. It’s an otome dating game, as you might have guessed, and it’s still arguably the greatest in its category today. If you enjoy the subgenre, check out our list of the top mobile otome games.

The characters in Obey Me that the player can interact with are all examined in greater detail here, along with all the crucial details that can help the player become friends with them more quickly, such as their preferred presents and likes and dislikes. We won’t go into great length regarding the game’s non-player barbatos obey me characters (or NPCs, if you prefer), choosing instead to concentrate on the card characters, or those that you can actually get closer to.

Infernal Brothers
Seven Demon Brothers, who are also regarded as the primary protagonists of Obey Me, are present. They all represent one of the seven deadly sins, and each has a distinctive look and distinctive qualities that, depending on how much you learn about them, make them more (or less) appealing.
Each will eventually disclose its true nature with some time and investment in getting to know them, and that’s when the game really starts to get barbatos obey me fascinating.

Angels, humans, and many Demons
The game has a lot to offer in terms of depth and narrative, but you may also notice a few other characters who aren’t necessarily demons. These individuals are also exchange students, just like the player, and interacting with them can reveal a lot about the RAD university and the characters barbatos obey me themselves.
After going over all the essentials, let’s move on to the fun stuff and see everything you need to know about each character in Obey Me, including their birthdays, astrological signs, likes and dislikes, and favourite presents. To learn more about a specific character you might be interested in, feel free to click on the links below!

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