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Bajaj wallet apk free download The Bajaj Financing app is now available in English, Hindi, తెలుగు App, App, Marathi, Urdu, P ੀ jābi, বাংলা, ,ة, ଏବଂ, and ରେతెలుగు | | |.

Through the Bajaj Finances Xperia app, consumers can apply for the following products immediately.

  • Personal Loan + EMI Calculator
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer + EMI Calculator
  • Business Loan + EMI Calculator
  • Doctor alone
  • Fixed deposit + FD calculator
  • Insurance products
  • Non-property
  • Chartered Accountant
  • RBL-Bajaj Finserv Credit Card
  • Health EMI card
  • Add to card

What’s new: Bajaj wallet apk free download

  • EMI Calculator – Personal Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan and Term Deposit.
  • Pre-approved loan proposal
  • The app is available in 14 regional languages
  • Manage existing loans and investments
  • New and improved drawing down implementation
  • Error fixes

Bajaj Finance Xperia App is a one-stop solution for all post-mortgage or investment services provided by Bajaj Finance, India’s largest non-banking financial company. Standing against the best in the industry, the app comes with a transparent, simple user interface, a great user experience and design for distributed navigation.

New users can check their promotional range for the following products, you only have to authenticate using your mobile number using login and accepted OTP.

  • RBL- BFL Credit Card
  • EMI card
  • Personal loan
  • Doctor alone
  • Business loan
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Insurance products
  • Non-property
  • Fixed deposit

Bajaj Financing app collects information from your mobile device to provide device location (devices, storage, model, installed app, Wi-Fi, mobile network), transaction and promotional SMS, communication information. Bajaj wallet apk free download

Here is what existing BFL customers can do with new and improved apps.

  • Active Contact: View your active loans and investments and pay, pay, download your financial statements during the trip.
  • Previous Relationships: See your credit and investment credentials, your statements and access information about more.
  • Pre-sanctioned offers: View and apply customized pre-approved offers for you in one click of a button. Click here to check your promotional offer
  • Payment: Pay your EMI, pay your loans in advance or get future payment information through the app.
  • Drawn B feature merit: Drawn implementation is now more convenient than ever.
  • Notifications: View all your payments, download the details and provide notifications on the home page under the Information tab.
  • Choose a request: Log a request, check the status and a more detailed view of the previous requests.
  • Navigation in apps: Easy navigation on Xperia and BFL wallets.
  • Rate us: You can review the app and rate us by just one click.
  • Other assets: Through the main navigation menu you can easily navigate to other Bajaj financing properties from this application.
  • Calculator: EMI calculator for personal loans, business loans, home loans and fixed deposits.

Personal loan

  • Apply for a personal loan of up to Rs 25 lakh from Bajaj Finance and get immediate approval with minimum documentation. Collect your money without making any collateral promises and get your loan in just 24 hours.


  • Financial amount: from a minimum of 30,000 to a maximum of Rs 25 lakh
  • Term repayment: maximum from 12 months to maximum 84 months
  • Interest Rate / Annual Percent Rate (APR): 34% to a minimum of 12%.
  • Processing fee: Rs 500 to Rs 2000

Execute your loan
1,00,000 / -, 2% p.m. For a period of 12 months (interest rate deduction balance), you will pay Rs. Bajaj wallet apk free download

Processing fee = 1000

Other charges = 100

Interest = 13222

Total amount to be repaid after one year = 114572

  • Interest rates and processing fees vary depending on your product


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