Ba Financial Calculator plus Apk


Ba Financial Calculator plus Apk, Ba Financial Calculator plus Apk

This account number cruncher application for Android gadgets is fundamentally the same as BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator.

This account number cruncher application has a similar utilization and activity successions with BA II Plus Professional Financial

Adding machine, and it give logical figuring capacity and monetary count, for example, time-estimation of-cash,

amortization plan, income, etc. This application utilizes simpler regular information arrangements than RPN utilized by HP 12C Financial

Adding machine.

Key Features

• Vibrate and change shading when squeezing button,and turn on or turn off vibration in design worksheet by set VIB-ON or


• Support dates organization and number separators arrangement of USA and European, Support degrees and radians of the Angle Units.

• Scientific calculation(algebraic working system(AOS), chain computation method(Chn)): all inclusive force, mixes,

stages, square, square root, corresponding, sine, arcsine, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic arcsine.

• Time Value of Money calculations(TVM), Number of periods(N), Interest rate per year(I/Y), Present value(PV), Payment

(PMT), Future value(FV),and so on.

• Amortization Schedule, Starting payment(P1), Ending payment(P2), Balance(BAL), Principal paid(PRN), Interest paid(INT).

• Cash Flow examination, support up to 99 information sets input, Net Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net

Future Value (NFV), Payback (PB), Discounted Payback (DPB), Reinvestment Rate (RI), and Modified Internal Rate of Return


• Bond computations, security price(PRI), respect development or call(YLD), gathered interest(AI), adjusted duration(DUR).

• Depreciation computations, bolster 6 distinct approachs, Depreciation for the year(DEP), Remaining book an incentive at

the finish of the year(RBV), Remaining depreciable value(RDV)

• Statistics Analysis, support up to 99 information sets input, Support 5 investigation models(Standard straight relapse,

Logarithmic relapse, Exponential relapse, Power relapse, One-variable measurements).

• Percent Change/Compound Interest

• Interest Conversion

• Date computations,

• Profit Margin,

• Breakeven

• 10 Memories for capacity

• Automatically spare/reestablish all organization settings during application close/start.

• More… …

Special clarification

This account number cruncher bolster android 2.1 or above, and the screen size of android gadget above 3.5′ have better impact



On the off chance that you don’t have a clue how to utilize it, you can allude to the client manual of BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator, or

email to [email protected] to request client manual.

On the off chance that you have proposals or discover bug ,if it’s not too much trouble send you guidance or experiment to [email protected], Thank you.


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