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Do you like games with tons of real fun and dynamic action? Then welcome to the magnificent Arcade Worms area. Then, you will become the great champion of the arena! Collect delicious and varied power-ups, defeat enemies and become the biggest worm of them all!

Do you think this is difficult? Relax, the rules are simple – explore the arena, collect the food you see and make your insects as big as you can imagine – no limits!

Stand out from other players, choose leather from the wardrobe or create your own style. The more you unlock, the more skins will be unlocked.

Worms Zone is also a PVP Action Game! Look for other players and try not to jump into them, otherwise, you have to start from the beginning. However, if you can add them and round them up, you get more points and all the food they have. This is so delicious!

There are several strategies to become a champion: “Fighter”, “Trickster” or “Builder”. What are you?

There are even special graphics in the Worms area! We keep it small and simple and you will love it!

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