Avakin Life APK 1.054.01 Download For Android (3D Virtual World)


Avakin Life APK

For starters, Avakin Life players could explore the entire virtual world, with almost anything they want to do. Each player has a character called Avakins.

, Avakin Life APK 1.054.01 Download For Android (3D Virtual World)
Avakin Life APK

About the APK

Create your Avakins that are like your real-life and different from others. Play as your Avakins as you explore the possibilities of Avakin Life. Choose life goals and follow your paths to complete them. Work and raise money for your needs, customize your characters to make them special, meet new friends while participating in an epic virtual world.

NameAvakin Life APK
Size109 MB
Update1 day ago
Required5.0 +

Features Of Avakin Life APK

Here you will surely find all the exciting features of the game that will surprise you:

Create Your Characters With a Unique Look

Initially, players will have the opportunity to explore customization options that allow them to create perfect characters. Discover a wide range of options for genres, images, hair, eyes, etc. Play enough time in this first stage of the game to create a character that you are more interested in.

Choose the right outfit to start the adventures of your characters. Choose from thousands of different clothing options at Avakin Life. Be who you want to be in Avakin Life and feel free to express yourself in real ways.

Discover a Wide Range of Social Opportunities

For social lovers, Avakin Life will be the best thing to happen in your life. This exciting Android game allows players to communicate with other players whenever and however they want.

Opt for text chat and connect with other online players in crowded public places. Make new friends and be part of your team. Meet online players from around the world while interacting with each other in a huge simulation game. This is a great opportunity to show your talent in clothing. Wear the best clothes and be confident to talk to new friends.

Choose your own style to go on an adventure

In Life of Avakin, players get the opportunity to express themselves in a stylish way. Show off your interior by wearing beautiful clothes from the most famous brands around the world. Choose from thousands of different options to find the one that suits you best.

There will be dozens of clothes and accessories that you can use to freely express yourself. Choose a variety of clothes, shoes, bags, jackets, pants, accessories, jewellery and more. You can also change your hairstyle and get a tattoo on your body.

Make the Home of Your Dreams With Beautiful Furniture

Those who like to build and design things will love Avakin Life because the game allows you to make a variety of customizations to your home. Choose beautiful decorations for your apartment and experience the different styles. Choose the one that suits you best and build the perfect home.

Discover the most fashionable fashion trends and give your home a new look.  Or you can go ahead and create your own designs while experimenting with your creativity in total freedom.  The game allows players to cancel online parties and invite your friends to invite.  Talk, laugh, and enjoy the thrilling gameplay of Avakin Life.

Full 3D Simulation Game

For the first time, the network will participate in a fully online virtual game that combines all aspects of the real world.  Enjoy the thrilling 3D world to be yourself. 

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