Audiovision music player No 1 Best App


audiovision music player, Audiovision music player No 1 Best App


Audiovision music player Audiovisual is a state-of-the-art music visualizer that can be used simultaneously with a fully featured featured music player. It allows you to organize your music through albums, artists, trends, playlists and more.

Audiovision music player

Currently the visualization consists of a bunch of carefully designed designs with the possibility of infinite customization. Plays can also be controlled from widgets, notifications, or lock screens Consumer Interface is designed with a theme design for an integrated user experience.

Some of the features include: Audiovision music player

  • Organize music by artists, trends, playlists, albums and more
  • High-customizable music visualizer built with user-defined background and color.
  • Play with equalizer to adjust the sound level.
  • Newly designed content style user interface.
  • Small app size
  • Multi-size widget and lock screen control
  • Untitled songs using rows
  • Highlight the best songs
  • Playlist creation, deletion, rename or modification


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