Audio status maker No 1 Best App


audio status maker, Audio status maker No 1 Best App


Audio status maker Have you ever thought that you can easily post a song or part of an audio that you think is amazing? The right audio status maker lets you do that With the audio status maker you can take or record audio from your library, cut the audio to take the part you want to share, and then select it from the many backgrounds available in the app in audio mode.

Audio status maker

Change or use your custom image as a background You can then add text, stickers, filters or images to your creation to give it an extra edge on your status. You can share this status on WhatsApp or any other social media platform and it will work! Try it Gone are the days when you had to cover the camera to post a song

Features Features: Audio status maker

︎ ଡିଓ Audio status / story has become easier
The Audio Status Maker allows you to create an audio status or story that can be shared on all popular social media. It offers many customization options to show off your creativity You can use your own audio from your library or create a high quality sound recorder to create your audio status.

ଡିଓ Audio Editing
Audio Position Maker provides you with the most advanced and easy to use audio editing features that make it easy for you to create your own situation. It supports many popular audio formats like MP3, AMR, WAV and M4A It includes an audio trimmer and an inbuilt audio visualizer with five different zoom levels that allow you to select any part of your audio to create your position. Audio status maker

The EText status has been taken to a new level
Allows you to create fantastic text status by selecting many beautiful fonts available in the app. Then you can mix the status of your text with the audio or just post

Status Master Custom Status Background
Many special, bright and colorful backgrounds are included for your condition It also allows you to create a position from a gallery or camera using your own custom images as a background. Audio status maker

Age Image Editing
Allows you to add image stickers to your situation, including the ability to create your own stickers from the gallery. It gives you many live filters to enhance your images and also provides a brush tool that you can use to create your images.


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