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Audio manager apk download Hide photos, videos, apps, messages, calls on your phone Completely free and unlimited

Hide photos and videos from your photo gallery and easily access using a secret PIN code. Now you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy

  • About the app

The application is cleverly disguised as an “audio manager” in the app reader.
Disguises itself as an audio manager app that can be used to move volume up and down. But if you press on the audio manager for a long time, the real hide will be launched under the Pro app title, which is basically your secret VAULT of your secret photos, videos, messages, apps and more.
You can hide photos, videos or other files in your personal vault

Features Features: Audio manager apk download

1.) The pseudonym app behind the fully functional audio manager (other pseudonyms like calculator etc. are available).
2.) Categorize the media in the hidden folder of your choice
3.) Free cloud backup of your files
4.) Apps that are currently unavailable from the app list cannot be tracked
5.) Gallery with integrated slide shows and WhatsApp apps, watches, Facebook and more.
6.) Integrated video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX etc.
7.) Multiple lock screen options – PIN, password, password
8.) Fingerprint Unlock
9.) Avoid PINs / passwords for bars when caught
10.) Built in encryption tool to protect your important files
11.) Other useful features such as secret chat, private messaging / calls, personal browsing, locking app.
12.) Hide the app icon from the phone’s app reader

There are many other great features such as custom slide shows, batch deletions, shares, anhydrics, data transfer between albums, file shortcuts, and folders of your choice.

If you have any problems please email us, if the app is not installed properly then reinstall, which will solve 99% of the problems.


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