Asus gallery apk No 1 Best App


asus gallery apk, Asus gallery apk No 1 Best App


Asus gallery apk The ASUS Gallery is a great application for viewing your photos and videos You can view photos in different ways Manage your photos with people, places and views – and customizable tags Enjoy fun and wonderful feelings that bring important moments to your life.

UI changes
We revise the UI design to separate photos, albums, and moments, and also change the content of menu options. So that you can use the gallery more easily, get photos faster and easily enjoy the new features of the gallery. Asus gallery apk

See Photo Timeline
Photos are displayed over a period of time, you can scroll to view photos on a specific date. You can zoom in and out to see Thumbnail, and in the gallery you can see your favorite photos.

Visual recognition (only available on some devices)
The gallery identifies the scene and objects in the photo and uses the results to categorize the album scene. It helps you organize and organize your photos, and allows you to easily find specific photos. Asus gallery apk

AI Photo Education (only available on some devices)
We will ask you for a specific view, then edit the photo to your liking, so that the photos match your style.

Photo collage
The gallery now has a photo collage work You can choose your favorite photos and create a collage and share it with your family and friends. Asus gallery apk

Video Trimmer
The gallery now has a video trimmer function Come and try this new job and keep the most interesting part of the video

Mosaic is a new editing function When you share your photo, it allows you to share your information or hide it from strangers in your photo.

Extensive color gamut (only available on some devices)
You can check and edit WCG photos in the gallery. Asus gallery apk

※ Some new features do not depend on the latest version of Android


  1. Gallery v1.5 now supports Android 5.0 and is backwards compatible with Android 4.4 or older. To enable this, you need to reset the database used for Gallery People mode so that previously identified faces will be reset to “unknown”.
  2. Since Gallery v1.5, when you upgrade from Android 4.4 to Android 5.0 5.0, your album cover will also be reset.
  3. The user may differ by interface and function device
  4. The ASUS Gallery is a free application for ASUS devices You will not be charged for downloading or using this app
  5. [What if I forgot my password to unlock the gallery]
  • If the title in the upper left corner of the gallery is “Apple”, please go to Google Play and install “ASUS Law”. You can reset your password and enjoy the “Lock Gallery” feature after upgrading to “ASUS Launcher”. Don’t forget to set up a Google Account to recover your password.
  • If the title in the upper left corner of the gallery is “CM Apple for ASUS”, please click on the top right button and “Forgot your password?” Click Once your Google Account password has been entered, you can reset your password to lock the gallery again.


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