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Asphalt-Nitro apk

Not getting enough asphalt? This 35 MB monster packs all the adrenaline-pumping speed you love – and it’s now available!

Take control of luxury licensed cars like Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno in a thrilling environment, you have to tame yourself with crazy stunts you can remove! Shoot your nitro and become the first person to cross the finish line!

Shoot the Streets & Sky!
Take your amazing speed machines and push them beyond their limit for miles!
Press the ramps and take the race to new heights.
Maneuver in the air while removing mind-blowing acrobatics.

Master Multiple Modes!
Challenge rivals in 8 different game modes including G Gate Drift, Knockdown and more!
పోలీస్ Police chase mode is back for the first time since the opening days of the series!
Beat your friends in asynchronous races!

Globe Circle!
Earth race in some beautiful places on Earth, each recreating with stunning graphics. From Brazil to China, you have the whole world to explore!
Find loads of hidden shortcuts to help you completely dust off the hidden competition.

Important User Information:
The game does not start or work properly with Intel Atom processor devices.

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