AskIITians is #1 Prep App for the individuals who are getting ready for IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSE tests.

Discover everything about IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSE here – from schedule to significant subjects to address banks to confirmation procedure to prepare tips. Ask any JEE, NEET, SAT or CBSE question on the new AI application and get a moment arrangement by specialists!

JEE wannabes anticipating affirmation in IIT, clinical applicants getting ready for NEET, concentrate abroad hopefuls planning for their SAT tests would now be able to discover best examination notes, mock tests, and ordinary test warnings, declarations, and news across the board place at the askIITians test prep application.

What does AskIITians application offer?

• Entire Syllabus for JEE Main and IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSE tests

• Important Topics for the tests

• Daily Practice Papers for IIT JEE, NEET, SAT, CBSE wannabes

• Solution by Experts for the individuals who are looking for admission to building schools, clinical universities, and study abroad foundations (through SAT test).

• Clear your uncertainty in a moment with the assistance of companions and specialists through AI application!


• Learn the representation procedure of tackling an issue with the assistance of the AskIITians application. In the representation strategy, one may draw a sketch or a fast chart utilizing the given information and use images and conditions to take care of the issue rapidly.

• We likewise offer short online talk recordings on each test theme on the application.

• Math questions and answers we bring for you are of Harvard level. Instead of simply utilizing computational techniques, our Math practice papers will assist you with building up your investigative reasoning and critical thinking abilities as well and assist you with procuring a more profound comprehension of the themes you are contemplating.

• Solutions we offer to the issues or inquiries posed in the test utilize the most straight-forward and simple strategy or procedure to understand the inquiry. Any place vital, our specialists incorporate different procedures to arrive at these arrangements as well – with the goal that you pick which of them suits you best.

• We have recordings and study material just as premium administrations for understudies who need extra help and help from our specialists 24X7.

Why use AskIITians application?

AskIITians has been established by two IITians – Aditya Singhal and Nishant Sinha. Today, they have a solid group of more than 100 ex-IITians and alumni of other presumed universities who give internet instructing answer for Indian, NRI, and different understudies over the world to get confirmation in their preferred schools.

Like genuine IIT graduates – Aditya and Nishant – and their group of experts think of an answer following a long, meticulously minute research-and-investigation work out. The procedure included examining the schedule of the tests, separating it into piece estimated subjects, and offering a prep arrangement that is straightforward and use for understudies of different types. It implies that you can discover study notes, memory helpers, mind maps, and false papers for all the themes shrouded in your test prospectus here.

The application isn’t a substitution for on the web or disconnected training of these tests yet is best utilized as a speedy reference manage for the points you are not having the option to get a handle on while you are learning at home and clearing your uncertainty rapidly – when it emerges in your psyche.

We spread the whole schedule for JEE, NEET and SAT tests, which implies that understudies who are getting ready for at least one of these tests will think that its simpler to get a point on the application and spread inquiries identified with it for all tests on the double.

In the event that you think traversing selection tests is unfathomable for you, the askIITians application is here as the rescuer for you! Regardless of whether you are searching for help with Physics, Chemistry or Maths, you will discover intriguing methods of learning and be reexamining all the sections of your placement test here. Peruse a part in your reading material and afterward, visit the application for ridicules, earlier year papers, and modification notes.

Be a topper this year with the AskIITians application!


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