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Archery bird hunter is now for mobile owners, although it includes bird names, but also includes pirates and deer in the game! Archery is the best and realistic 2D simulation archery game for you. Archery provides a realistic archery experience throughout all archetypal games, making it a fascinating and varied bird call and archery bird deer making it even more attractive.

Shoot arrows at deer and deer to kill birds and get coins, and coins can be used to buy hunting gear from bow-hunting game stores. We add a blazing arrow to the game to enjoy the game of archery. When the player uses this option, the arrow will burn the birds and robbers
A running horse has also been added to the game that brings gifts like burning arrows, coins and arrows.

The number of birds or ducks for each level is shown in a table at the beginning of the level, if you hunt all the levels and the other level is unlocked or you spend any money you get. Can unlock other levels

There are many levels of archery, one level of archery is with a tree and dogs, birds sit on a tree, when you hunt birds, a bird gathers prey in a basket. Yes.

Near the river, the second level of archery, poachers fly over the river and if you do not shoot for about 5-10 seconds, the poachers will sit in the water and hunt the poachers.

The third level of archery is with a chariot that follows the birds in the forest and you hunt them.

The fourth-level archery bird is with a boat that players go into the river to chase the pirates.
The fifth level of archery is deer hunting, deer run on the green hills and you will shoot at them.
Six-tiered archery hunters also hunt deer, but at this stage players use chariots to hunt deer and chase deer.

Other levels of archery will be added soon

There is also a shop for archery games where players can buy hunting equipment.

How to Play Archery: Archery bird hunter

★ Swipe on the bow, pull it or rotate it, shoot if you release the arrow.
Each of the coins and prey earned at each level is displayed in a table
Tap on the shop button and buy prey
If you see a running horse, it will give you as much gift as it can touch.


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