Apocalypse Inc. Apk


Apocalypse Inc. Apk, Apocalypse Inc. Apk

The time for revelation has come.
Decide on the fate of the planet.
Your goal is to destroy all of humanity!

● Collect evil on the planet
● By reading the description of the disaster and discovering the disaster
● Choose the strongest
● Summarize the destructive power of a disaster
● Become the best destroyer!

The game contains the possibility of creating the apocalypse at different periods of humanity:

▶ These days immerse yourself in the atmosphere of various apocalypse of our time.
▶ Use monsters, ghosts and mysterious phenomena to create the end of the world.
▶ Humanity in danger for the future for centuries, the negative results of progress and unforeseen disasters.
▶ In the past-In-depth discussion on the hidden dangers of the dark middle ages, tyranny, magic and the domination of the magistrate.
(Many other solutions are under development)

Choose wisely!


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