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APK Download is an alternative to the default list of the best Google Play apps. Here you will find recommendations for the best games and apps for Android, which have been specially selected to filter out commonly found corrupt creations.

Downloading APK is the most convenient and fastest option to access the entire games and apps market‌ directly from your Android device. You only need one tool with the Opto IDE to work with the gallery.

Convenient public search option allows you to search and find the file you need in the huge APK download database. Defining different search filters is also easy to get the best results.


APK – Search for APK files.
APK – Download the APK.

  • Scan APK files from external storage and SD card.
  • Show all APK files.
  • Install APK files with a single click.
  • Delete APK files from external storage and SD card.
  • Share APK files with your friends.
  • Name, size, package, version, apk list and not sorted.
  • APK file status.

Once you find the app you are interested in, you can go to the store and click on it to download. You will not be able to install or download directly through this application.

If you are only looking for games on the Android App Store, check out our other application called Game Store App Market.

Any questions or suggestions are well received in our mailbox. We work every day to improve the service we provide.

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