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APK Installer

APK Installer – Best App Manager for Android The redesigned APK installer makes it easy to manage your Android app

App installer
Install the batch .APK files from internal storage or secondary SD card

APK installer for PC PC version
APK installer for PC is now available to allow .APK files from Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Learn more at https://apkinstaller.com/

App uninstaller
The batch installs unwanted apps easily

App backup
Batch export .APK file on SD card

Share AP APK
Easily share apps with your friends (Play the app file or URL)

● Security scanner
Keep your system away from sophisticated hazards In-app ads, analytics add-on detectors and APK checks.

Create a shortcut
Create any application shortcut you want and put it on your home screen.

● Catch cleaner
A tap app to easily catch catches

App Information Viewer
APK Installer will give you the package name, APK file location and installation date, APK file MD5, SHA-1 s ature characters, permissions, UID, shared UID, minimum API level, target API level, component information (activity, service, recipient and provider). Provides Allows you to view )

2 App2SD
Move apps to SD card

● adb toggle
Usb Switch Adb Error Troubleshooting

● Apps
Application Permission Control

● Update
Updates give you the most up-to-date update on installed apps.


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