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Unofficially the best app based on Crackwatch.com’s APIs: search for your favorite PC games, put a crackwatcher on the crack status, watch un-cracked games, filter, set-up push notifications, discover new games, check the best deal and more!

-search cracked and un-cracked games by content filter
-search for specific cracked or un-cracked games
-create a crackwatch (push notification) per content filter
-create a crackwatch (push notification) per specific un-cracked games

Never heard about that game? Just one click and you will be redirected where you can find screenshots, gameplay video, trailers, metacritic rating, description ad much more.

What does Crackwatch-Watcher do?
✅ it informs you about new pc-games cracks (crackwatch)
✅ it allows you to discover new games (crackwatch)
✅ it saves you time in digging internet (crackwatch)
✅ it goes straight to the point (crackwatch)
✅ it lets you choose games according to your preferences (crackwatch)
✅ it lets you search your favorite game (crackwatch)
✅ it lets you follow only your favorite games, or a filter category or both of them (crackwatch)

What does Crackwatch-WatcheR not do?
❌ it doesn’t provide any illegal content, nor copyrighted material, nor any link to it
❌ it doesn’t provide any tool or helper in getting copyrighted content

Enjoy Crackwatch-Watcher!

Have any suggestion on possible developments? Write to the support email!

***Crackwatch WatcheR does not offer any illegal content nor any link to it*** It’s just an information provider app, built around the passion for video games.

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