Apex Launcher 4.0.1


, Apex Launcher 4.0.1
apex launcher


Apex Launcher is the app of choice for over ten million people!

Apex Launcher has the following features:

Personalized Customization – Customize your phone’s interface with free icon packs and themes. Stylish 3D transition effects to give your launcher a new look.
Hide and lock apps to safeguard your privacy with App Lock—Secure and Protect.
Efficiency and Speed – Boost your productivity with quick searches, gestures, backups, and restores!


AppLock—Use a pattern and a password to protect your privacy. (A fingerprint app lock is coming!)

Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, and any other app may be locked using AppLock. AppLock can be used to conceal images and videos. Protect your privacy and prevent unauthorised access. Ascertain safety.

Never be concerned about someone prying into your personal information! Apex Launcher now offers AppLock security with a pattern or pin password. Fingerprint AppLock will be available shortly, so stay tuned!

You may also adjust the lock mode and timing for your app. AppLock is a privacy protection app that may be used anywhere and at any time.

Center for Personalized Themes and Icon Packs
The size of the grid on the home screen and in the app drawer can be customised. Shortcuts and folders can have their own icons, themes, and labels.

Up to 10 icons per page and up to 5 pages in a scrollable dock

Scrolling is infinite and fluid, making it simple to use (home screen, drawer and dock)

Effects Aesthetic transition effects (tablet, cube, etc.)

Hide or optimise items as desired (status bar, dock, etc.)

Select from a variety of folder preview styles and backgrounds.

Sorting with Ease Drawer apps is simple (title, install date, mostly used)

Apps can be hidden.
Apps in the drawer can be hidden.

Locker Protect your desktop from unintentional modifications by locking it.

Operation Gesture
Pinch, swipe up/down, and double tap are all useful home screen movements.

Themes to Investigate An advanced theme engine is available (icon packs, skins, etc.)

Backup/restore your settings and data

All Devices are compatible with both phones and tablets.

There’s More to Discover!
There are a plethora of different customization choices available!

Apex Launcher Pro (Paid Version) has the following features: Customize drawers to your liking (sort apps in drawers, organise files in drawers) Notifications of unread count (given by the free Apex Notifier plugin) Icon gestures (swipe up and down actions) are convenient. More possibilities for gestures (two-finger gestures) Transition effects (accordion, cross, and so on) Support for folders (bulk add, merge folders) has been improved. Advanced widget settings (dock widgets, overlapping widgets) There will be more features coming soon!

• To make a folder, long press an icon and drag it over another icon.
• To alter icons and labels, long press icons/folders on the desktop and select edit from the popup menu.
• Make Apex Launcher your home screen app so you can create icon shortcuts from other apps (e.g., Chrome).

For optional screen off/lock capabilities, this app utilises the Device Administrator permission.

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