AnySoftKeyboard APK


AnySoftKeyboard APK, AnySoftKeyboard APK

AnySoftKeyboard APK is an open-source, on-screen console with different dialects support with accentuation on protection.

AnySoftKeyboard APK is one of the most adjustable consoles accessible.

To enact: Launch ‘AnySoftKeyboard Settings’ App, and adhere to the guidelines.

Primary highlights of AnySoftKeyboard APK:

  • Multi dialects console support by means of outside bundles.
  • Completion word references for numerous dialects.
  • Also finishes your composed words from you contacts names (Android 2.0+)!
  • And, learns your composing conduct to give next-word forecast.
  • Multi-Touch support (as in, squeezing SHIFT alongside different characters).
  • Extension console (swipe your finger as far as possible up out of the console).
  • Voice Input support (Android 2.2+).
  • Compact/Phablet Mode.
  • Gesture support:

** Experimental Gesture-Typing (empower in the Settings application).

** Swipe left or option to switch formats.

** Swipe up to move.

** Swipe down to close the console.

  • Theme support (accompanies a couple of inherent skins, and progressively accessible in Play Store).
  • Night Mode: Quiet, Dark console at evening time (empower in the Settings application).
  • Power-Saving Mode: No vibrations, sound, recommendations and a dim topic (empower in the Settings application).
  • Build-in client word reference words editorial manager.
  • Build-in shortenings word reference: make alternate ways for words and sentences.
  • Utility console (swipe up from space-bar):

** Clipboard activities duplicate, glue, select-all, select specifically (long-press select and use bolt keys).

** Voice input

** Arrows

  • And a lot more highlights!


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