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Very flight simulator !!

Fly Wings is the most advanced flight simulator already developed for your Android.

We have been improving physics for years and are proud to finally announce our flight simulator‌!

Get ready for the real experience of flying a plane over Paris, France!

Choose from two of the world’s most famous airports and fly 10 planes with over 250 different missions!

The game simulates weather conditions with clear skies, thunder, mayhem and much more!

Become an Airline Pilot, Private Pilot, Military Skilled Pilot or Acrobatic Pilot! Like you!

We built 2 different aircraft:

  • Small plane
  • Commercial aircraft

These are the flights you can choose from:

  • Boeing B747-8F Freighter
  • Boeing B747-8I
  • Boeing B757-300
  • Boeing B777-9X
  • Arabus A380
  • Arabus A320
  • Spacebus OV100
  • GA MQ 9 Rapin Drone
  • Sezna 172 SP Sky Eagle
  • Bombrider Large 60XR

We have also built five major airports in Paris:

  • Charles de Gaulle Airport (LFPG)
  • Paris Orly Airport (LFPO)
  • Veligi – Villak Dual Air Base (LFPV)
  • Le Bourge (LFPB)
  • Aerodrome de Toussaint-le-Noble (LPFN)
  • More updates when new …


  • 10 aircraft
  • 250 missions
  • Special missions based on your flight!
  • Broad Airport
  • A vast world with trees, clouds and rivers
  • Functional Equipment
  • Two types of controls: accelerometer or touch to control the aircraft
  • Dynamic tools

Some of the technologies provided by NASA are:

  • Virtual landscape using photos and elevation from NASA.
  • Using NASA utility foil‌sim 3 to calculate the physics (actually virtual) of an aircraft.
  • Using real airfoils from our library on aircraft such as Naka Airfoil and BAC Airfoil.

Real-world simulation:

  • Weather forecast (with clear skies, some clouds, rain and thunder)
  • Scramble and G-Force
  • True clouds
  • Crash and fire on engines.

We do everything we can to enhance the best flight simulator experience! So please, do not hesitate to contact us to find out our opinion!

All logos and airlines are fictional in sports.

Pilot, quiet plane!

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