Alice Trapped in Wonderland Apk


Alice Trapped in Wonderland Apk, Alice Trapped in Wonderland Apk

Discover and solve incredible secrets in an extraordinary fairyland, explore this incredibly shocking world while solving the most iconic puzzles and reveal in the best click adventure game for devices All exciting secret movements.


  • Incredibly beautiful graphics.
    -A deep and fascinating story.
  • Addictive entertainment time.
  • Incredibly interesting and witty puzzles.
    -Many different environments are available for discovery and exploration.
  • The “Map”, “Clue” and “Hint” functions can help you pass the game when you are in difficulty.
    -An interactive story, very original and unique.
    -Excellent levels of play and design of puzzles.
    -High resolution graphics optimized for each device.
    -Multiple languages, automatic backup and more functions …

Introduction: You, Alice Liddel, have dreamed of having a land of wonderful and incredible things for many years.

You barely remember the last time you visited it … You now receive a mysterious letter that reads as follows:

“Dear Alice, you met me on the old tree that you saw me for the first time. Frankly, your existence is important.” White Rabbit.

When you read these words, all these extraordinary dreams and fantasies come back to your imagination. When you were a little girl, it filled your imagination, but at the same time, it made you think …

“The dream is not sending mail … is it?”

Worried about children’s curiosity, you decided to see the rabbit.

You are in the right place, but you cannot see the rabbit anywhere. In fact, you realize that when it is in front of you, you cannot even see it.

Everything seems strange, but fascinating curiosity, like what I experienced as a child, forces you to move on.

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