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AirSync apk :

Sync AirSync iTunes music for the artist Android and album from your iTunes library on your PC or your phone or tablet. Sync iTunes via Wi-Fi and play your music on Apple TV and Airplay-compatible speakers. Air Sync, described as “iTunes for Android”, was recommended by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the BBC. The most user-friendly way to sync iTunes and Airplay on Android is trusted by millions.

“The Cure for iTunes Withdrawal” – New York Times AirSync apk
News is the number one app in Newsweek’s Top 10 Android Apps

Sync without wires! DoubleWist Air Sync provides wireless iTunes sync for music, photos, and DRM-free videos with your PC via your home WiFi network.

Use it with the free Doublewist Sync desktop app to automatically import iTunes and sync music, playlists, ratings or playcounts from your iTunes library.

AirSync features include:

Sync iTunes to your music library:
Sync iTunes music via Android WiFi from your desktop or laptop.
Sync MP3 purchases and downloads from Android to Android and import automatically to your desktop or laptop.
Sync Android iTunes accounts, playlists and ratings on your computer even after you’ve created or modified Android (Reverse-sync with iTunes is currently PC only.)

Sync non-DRM video files:
Sync photos and videos from Android to your PC with automatic, wireless import.

Airplay Wireless Speakers for Android and Magicplay:
Broadcast for Android WiFi Speakers and Receivers from Android (Requires Android 4.1 or higher)
Airport EarTunes support for Airport Express (Android 4.1 or higher).
Apple Airplay Music to Apple TV (Black Model).
Broadcast music to Xbox 360, PS3 and Sonos with S Air Sync’s DLNA / UPnP feature.

DoubleTwist Air Sync is an upgrade to Double Playwist Music Player that unlocks AirPlay, AirTunes and iTunes-Sync If you have previously purchased DoubleTwist Pro, you do not need to repurchase Air Sync as DoubleTwist Pro is automatically unlocked for customers.

Download the link for your desktop or laptop:
You can download the DoubleTwist iTunes Sync Desktop app at

Get DoubleTwist Music Player and sync for free:

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