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airbuddy, Airbuddy No 1 Best App No 1 Best App


Airbuddy No 1 Best App Share your beautiful photos, videos and music with your friends and family on the big screen TV using the Airbuddy app for Android.

Airbuddy adds an Airplane feature to any Android device.
All Android devices including phones, tablets, Android TV, Google TV devices are supported. Airbuddy No 1 Best App

** Please Note (9/17/2015): Airplay is not yet supported from iOS 9 devices – an updated version with iOS 9 support will be coming soon, please tune in **

Play videos, photos, music using audio –
Play from an Airplane client on your Android device with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or any other Air. Airbuddy No 1 Best App

  • Play videos, photos and music
  • Run YouTube videos
    • Run on your Android device on a different Android device than on AirBuddy.
  • Play videos and photos
  • Run YouTube videos
    • Play AirBuddy, Apple TV or any other Airplane server on your Android device from your Android device.
  • Run YouTube videos and other MP4 videos
  • Browse photos from galleries, photos, Facebook apps and other Android apps.
  • See the Limitations section for unsupported situations

This free version limits the continuous play to 15 minutes / 15 photos Please upgrade to remove this limit

For details on the use of permissions, please see below the text description. Airbuddy No 1 Best App

For playback on AirBuddy, any of the content sources can be any of the following –
IOS Device (iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch)
Another Android device has installed it with the Airbud app – AirBud can act as an airplane client / remote.

Another Android device has been installed along with any other Airplane client app.
ITunes on PC / Mac

The following special circumstances are not supported
Airplane mirror

• DRM reserved movie playlists (such as most movies purchased in iTunes).
Airplay from Netflix app (it was added to Netflix app v5.0 for iOS 7)
Sending music / audio from other Android apps

Sending music / audio to air tuned target devices (airplane speakers, some MP systems, etc.).

** Permission:
Storage – Send images stored on SD card and USB
Run on Startup – Starts the Airplane server to run it in the background.
Prevent the device from sleeping – only locks the screen while playing video locally.
Allow Wi-Fi Multicast Reception – Airplane requires Wi-Fi Multicast Reception.
Find Account on Device – Used for License Verification


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