AGN Emergency Booklet Pro Apk


AGN Emergency Booklet Pro Apk, AGN Emergency Booklet Pro Apk

Designated for the Medical App Award 2016 (Life Science Nord e.V.)

“Best Medical App 2013” (Android App Magazine 1/2014)

The crisis booklet “Medications and Benchmarks in Emergency Medicine” (unique German title “Medikamente und Richtwerte in der Notfallmedizin”), which has been sold multiple times in the German talking zone, is currently accessible as a web free , intuitive Emergency App.

Many prescriptions, doses, scores, calculations, ventilation parameters of crisis medication, escalated care, and sedation would now be able to be determined in practically no time. A youngsters’ number cruncher demonstrates every single cardiopulmonary parameter and measurements for a kid. All scores and tables (GCS, APGAR, ASA, NACA, NYHA, Baxter, VIP, BMI, and so forth.) are intuitively worked by essentially tapping on the screen.

Bolus just as constant applications can be determined with lightning speed – for infant youngsters up to grown-ups with dreary stoutness. The application not just gives the basic revival portion of epinephrine, yet additionally the setting of the syringe siphon (perfusor) for a little child in cardiogenic stun – or do you incline toward vasopressin?

The App not just gives custom fitted data to crisis doctors and paramedics in the rescue vehicle administration, yet in additionally for all reasonable and clinically dynamic doctors, particularly for specialists and qualified attendants of sedation, concentrated consideration and crisis medication. Clinical calculations, for example, calculations for ACS (intense coronary disorder) as indicated by ESC, Advanced Life Support, CPR rules and neonatal CPR as indicated by the ERC can be worked intelligently. Parameters to breath or intubation are rapidly and effectively accessible and unsurprising.

Other valuable highlights, for example, a note and top choices work just as straightforwardly selectable crisis telephone numbers adjust the complete application. A hunt work encourages you to discover all the necessary data rapidly; a glossary definitely clarifies every idea and every shortening.

The AGN Emergency Booklet is suggested by ÖRK (Austrian Red Cross), ÖNK (Austrian Society for Emergency and Disaster Medicine), ARC (Austrian Resuscitation Council), ÖBRD (Austrian Mountain Rescue), ICAR-CISA (International Commission for Alpine salvage) and the MC (Medical Corps Graz) .

“Best Medical App 2013” (Android App Magazine 1/2014).

Right now, the application is accessible in German as it were.


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