Google Admin apk


Admin apk, Google Admin apk

Google Admin lets you deal with your Google Cloud account in a hurry. Include and oversee clients and gatherings, contact backing, and view review logs for your association.

FOR WHOM? – This application is just for heads of Google Cloud items, including G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate, and Chromebooks.

It gives the accompanying highlights:

• User Management Features – Add/Edit client, Suspend client, Restore client, Delete client, Reset secret phrase

• Group Management Features – Add/Edit Group, Add individuals, Delete gathering, View bunch individuals

• Mobile Device Management – Manage Android and iOS gadgets for your area

• Audit Logs – Review Audit logs

• Notifications – Read and Delete warnings

Authorizations Notice

Contacts: Needed to make a User from your telephone contacts.

Telephone: Needed to call a User straightforwardly from the Application.

Capacity: Needed to refresh User’s photograph by means of Gallery.

Records: Needed to show the rundown of records on the gadget.


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