Andhra Bank Mobile Banking App – AB TEJ APP Free Download

Andhra Bank offers banking arrangement with an entirely different and energizing scope of administrations and highlights exploiting the most recent advances in the market. Presently deal with your cash moving and nonstop with our safe new Mobile Banking App. Improve life and appreciate consistent client involvement in totally paperless and signature less banking. Access your record, profile and other helpful money related data in the most secure and quickest manner.

Not an Andhra Bank Mobile Banking Customer yet!!! ab tej app apk online download

Simply download our AB TEJ Apk App from play store and register in practically no time. Bother free exchanges approval with OTP, no all the more creating and recollecting mPIN.

Moment enlistment and enactment through this AB TEJ Apk App.

Rearranged enactment stream with better client experience.

Secure method of executing banking business.

We offer a scope of banking and installment administrations like

Enlistment with check card and PIN

Record Balance andhra bank ab tej app

Small Statement (Last 10 Transactions)

Record Information subtleties

Client Profile subtleties

Store Transfers – NEFT and IMPS

No limitation on number of exchanges

Speedy Fund move without including recipient

Recipient Registration with included security

Move history to break down and track spending’s

Check Services – Stop and View Check status

Check Book demand

Standing Instruction administrations

Record Management administrations

Execute superfast with most loved component

Revive your portable and DTH memberships easily

Branch and ATM geo locators


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