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a chinese ghost story :

Forlands, one of the best Vosia games has finally been released!

MMORPGs as martial arts are largely influenced by coded systems and the traditions of popular martial arts. You can find different gameplay, multiple social systems and dungeons as well as cross server matches and guild battles in the game. Forlands is an important sport and you can’t miss it this year!

  • Game features
    The wonderful world of full HD display
    Forlands adopted many high quality original images, creating a compelling and compelling character. The effect of the skill is so amazing, you can feel the heat of the fight!
  • Perfect Visual Experience Excellent effect
    This game is going to give you a completely new experience of the fantasy world. Beyond the immersive hit feel, simple and smooth operations and PC-game gaming experience, you can now enjoy it all in one game!
  • Epic world map
    High quality graphic and stunning visuals immerse you in the world of 3D fantasy!
  • Fair gaming environment
    Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a pleasant and affordable environment for all dear players!
  • Epic Fantasy Wuxia Style Cool Skills
    Epic Fantasy Wuxia style, stunning battle scenes, well crafted character illustrations and various skill combinations make this game the best MMORPG you can not miss this year!
  • Hero system
    There are a total of 8 heroes in our game, each of whom has a different image and ability. Heroes help players to attack enemies with powerful skills.
  • World Boss
    There are world bosses in the game. Athletes personally participate in the defense of the Immortal Continent by strengthening their strength and defeating leaders who have weakened world peace.
  • Cool Wings
    The feathers in the game are decorative and functional. With them, you can travel anywhere
  • Very good
    The fairy remnant will bring you more energy and cool effect to defeat all enemies!
  • Flip mount
    Mounts can bring you wherever you want with twisted effects and styles!
  • Real time interaction, social, PK is always provided
    Variations of real time interaction commands await you on social systems, weddings, relationships, standards, apprenticeships, categories, business systems, friends, blondes and beauties
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