747 game apk


747 game apk :

Info: If you want a more realistic flight simulation experience, we recommend you to try our Flight 737 Max game.

2GB RAM memory (no disk, RAM memory)
Quad core cpu

Warning: If you have any issues with this game, please write to support email, we do not usually read comments. Full version for tri-game, only light version with most features.

Very realistic flight simulator
You can actually travel with B737, B787, B747, A400M, A380, MD-11, CRJ-1000, F16 and UH-1Y helicopter simulators!

  • 26 special missions
  • 3D Traveler
  • 3D realistic cockpit
  • Rush flying in the sky
  • 8 different camera angles
  • Radio talking system (takeoff permit, fuel and pushback, landing permit etc.)
  • Autopilot, Flight Note
  • Map info (distance, altitude, etc.)
  • Detailed information (fuel, oil and engine condition)
  • Smart computer system
  • Lights, engine, landing gear, flap, spoiler, cabin pressure, automatic runway stabilizer control)
  • Air brake and tire brake
  • 4 different speed levels
  • Attitude and status monitor
  • Collect point by point
  • Accidental flight problems (landing gear problems, engine failure, etc.)
  • Stall system (Perdovits)
  • Change the subject of your aircraft to your favorite air route
  • 24 different times and seasons (rain, night, snow, twilight, rain, etc.)
  • High definition airport and vehicles
  • Realistic sound effects
  • High quality animation
  • 108 Plane Theme
  • Take a photo
  • Record gameplay videos and share on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, G + etc.
  • Online scoreboards and trophies.
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