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4 liker com Boost your account by getting more likes under your posts. this is easy! You will exchange likes with other users of the app and you have to choose which posts to like.

This application is an addition to the Like4Like.com platform, we provide similar service through our website and Google Chrome extension. We have gained the trust of our users over the years. 4 liker com

How does this work

  • You will like posts from other users
  • You can either like or skip. If you do not want to do this manually, there is a switch that allows you to like all positions
  • For each you like you will get 1 heart
  • You can exchange hearts to get likes from other users, 1 heart = 1 choice

Our FAIR Usage Policy. 4 liker com

  • The app will never try to like the post until you give your permission
  • The app will never publish comments or attempt to follow anyone from your account
  • The app will not have access to your personal data
  • The app will never try to access your account or change any of your settings

The application and its use is free of charge and we provide it “as is” without any guarantee.


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