3d rose wallpaper download No 1 Best App


3d rose wallpaper download, 3d rose wallpaper download No 1 Best App


3d rose wallpaper download All butterflies live wallpaper

Here a complete 3D Rose Live wallpaper depicts the beautiful butterfly wandering in the garden and the sun shining on the flowers which makes it look amazing. Install this romantic, beautiful and attractive wallpaper that shows the 3D world. 3d rose wallpaper download

How to use:
Select Home Screen> Long Tap for Menu> Wallpaper> Live Wallpaper> Live Wallpaper

Features Features: 3d rose wallpaper download
** – HD background with 3D world effect
** – Beautiful butterflies with realistic 3D speed
** – walking around the scene; Swipe your finger on the screen
** – Various customization options such as direction, speed, sunlight on / off.
** – Full 3D live wallpaper
** – 3D rendering to save battery
** – Optimization with battery usage
** – OpenGL supported

It is a famous symbol of love and care with more than 100 species and more than a thousand roses. They are
The color varies in size and shape There are many roses with different colors like black, purple, blue, classic red, pink etc. Which makes it a complete package Roses are also used in various food syrups and rose water is sometimes used in drops and snacks. Rose is always known for its beauty and its flower arrangement, aroma and application.

Rose is also the most famous and beloved plant in the world Each color of the rose symbolizes a certain value of human life such as red love, yellow for friendship, orange for enthusiasm, white and pure for peace and pink for happiness.

We are very sophisticated and dedicated to the quality of our live wallpapers Please don’t hesitate to write us a comment or compliment or criticize us with a short description.


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