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3 shell game magic :

Magic Shell Game is a magic trick that you can really do on your smartphone or tablet. Watch the video for the demo.

This game is also known as “Three Shells and P”, “Thimblerug” and “The Old Army Game”. This version of the game allows you to display more effects than possible in the classic street game. The game has full multi-touch capability, which allows you to drag multiple objects at once and is easily reset to perform multiple routines. Like the classic street game and any great magic trick, it stands for high level audience participation, self-reset and full testing.

Example effect:

  1. Assigned by the game operator, assigned to play as a valid “follow the pea” game and checked. If the level of confidence of the audience that the peas can follow is high, the operator will challenge any spectator to dig a shell with the peas. When the pea does not come out the viewer reveals a shell and now loses it! Without reconstruction the operator gives the viewer a second chance and loses again. The operator or viewer can touch the remaining shell to extract the peas.
  2. The operator moves as if blindfolded. Challenge the viewer to hide the peas and move the shells. The scene is removed and the operator exposes the pea on the first try!
  3. Modification of Effect # 1, where the shell is exposed and moved to the edge of the screen outside the game. With only 2 spheres, the viewer cannot select the correct shell when challenged.

Note: To manage the above effects and others, the game requires the use of a small inexpensive object that can be easily found in very small homes.

Details on how to handle the above effects are provided in the final user agreement prior to installation.

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