2g live tv online No 1 Best App


2g live tv online, 2g live tv online No 1 Best App


2g live tv online nexGTv HD Mobile TV provides an interesting end-user experience to watch live TV on mobile devices. Now check out the huge library on News X, B4U, MH1 and more live TV channels, TV shows and English movies, Hindi movies and on-demand content.
High-end live TVs are recommended for high-end TVs on high-end phones, including smartphones, tablets and 4G / 3G / Wi-Fi networks.

nexGTv HD features: 2g live tv online
List of topics under top trending, just adding, the most popular, b featured courtesy movies and replays.
One-week Integrated Electronic Program Guidelines (EPG) for all channels.

• Channel re-broadcasting and deletion
Interactive on-screen control: It allows you to scroll through the channel or adjust settings while watching your show.
Image in image mode
Volume control
Channel Search Options
Add to favorites
Interest-Free Social Unification:
Social integration on Facebook
Share with friends via SMS

Download is completely free! You will have to pay a subscription fee to watch premium high quality channels. Enjoy your TV as it used to!
Note: Data charges apply according to your subscribed data plan with your operator.
Some live TV channels are available on NexGTv HD. 2g live tv online

B4u movie
Bharat TV
News x
News Nation
B4U Music
News 24
North TV Channel
This is my city (special).
Video on demand content
Bigflix Hindi Movie
Big Fish English Film
Bollywood ISSUE
Hollywood Entertainment

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