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Does your child want to play from his mobile phone from time to time? Baby Real Phone is your solution because it is an incredible phone simulator for kids, allowing them to play while learning.

Your child can play with the phone simulator and not mind.

Call all friends tuki-tuki, leonard and dog cute dog, you can have emoji conversation in chat app, don’t forget to play music in music app.
Blow up balloons with different things in the balloon app.

Toy phones also have amazing apps like candy busting games.

You can play in the Planet app, which can rotate the world and pop up many stars with beautiful animations.

Travel in space and discover fascinating surprises.
Let your child play music on your phone or tablet.

With the actual sounds of drums, xylophone and piano, children sit and learn musical instruments.

And he can do some painting in the painting app.

This game is designed for children to learn and play.
Try this wonderful game with many animations and colors to entertain your child.

nibuu “to find all our games.

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